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Perceptually Seamless Targeted Advert Substitution for Broadcast TV
Making targeted advertising work in broadcast TV is a challenge. The Synapse TV system for Targeted Advertising runs on standard HbbTV receivers and provides seamless presentation of targeted adverts within broadcast content. Advert decisions can be made seconds before the advert break and the targeted adverts delivered live over the Internet. This removes the need for custom middleware or advance delivery of the adverts to be presented while enabling timely advert decisions.
The HbbTV application and supporting server-side functions, including integrations with advertising servers and the CDN, are supplied by Synapse TV.

  • Broadcast trigger insertion from S&T's TSBroadcaster
  • HbbTV application and supporting server-side functions from Synapse TV
  • Google Ad Manager with VAST interfaces
  • HbbTV browser from Vewd
  • Receiver from Kaon
The demonstration has a simulation of a live broadcast with a real break inserted that contains a selection of adverts chosen by Google Ad Manager. 

A video of the demonstration is available here:

Key to the seamless presentation in this solution is whole break substitution and the inclusion of a graphic interstitial at the junctions between broadcast and targeted content. Additional precision comes from applying custom delay to the graphic presentation depending to the characteristics of the particular receiver type. This interstitial can be customized to the break or to the target customer in order to take on the appearance of a normal broadcast bumper. The break itself is compiled from its component spots, including both targeted and non-targeted adverts. Impressions and tracking events are triggered throughout targeted adverts. The opportunity exists for additional reporting during non-targeted adverts.

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